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"Our vision is to offer a world-class international school for elementary and middle school students right here in the heart of Shoreline,” says Rick Boyle, Principal at St. Luke. “This is not what you typically think of your local Catholic school. But we’re not a typical Catholic school. It’s not enough to offer a traditional curriculum anymore. The world is changing and so are we.” Read the full article here. #IB #News

Real World Application

As stated in the PYP Making it Happen handbook, "Central to the philosophy of the Primary Years Program (PYP) is the principal that purposeful, structured inquiry is a powerful vehicle for learning." Check out the pictures of Mrs. Woods class below. This week they gathered objects for a compost bag. They found small rocks, twigs/bark, leaves, grass, garbage (paper, plastic, etc.), pine needles, and a few things from the garden. ​ They then met their worms and put their worms into the compost bags as well! The class was investigating the question: "What do you think will happen to the different items in our bag?" and "How do you think the worms help in this process?" ​ Even in first grade her

Communication & Collaboration

As students' learning and their attempts to understand the world around them are essentially social acts of communication and collaboration, inquiry may take many forms, with students working sometimes on their own, with partners or in larger groups.

Essential Agreements

Take a peak into the Saint Luke classrooms and be inspired by the development of our first set of classroom Essential Agreements! Each class is starting the year by developing Essential Agreements which will promote learning and safety for all Saint Luke students. Students have collaborated and discussed (and respectfully agreed/disagreed) on a set of goals which sets the tone for collaboration and teamwork. Ask your child about the Essential Agreements developed in their classroom this year!

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