Getting Our Hands Dirty in the Learning Garden

This spring at Saint Luke School, our preschool students were learning about how we have to cooperate to share resources. We have been modeling this concept in the classroom all year but this spring, the concept really came to life through our IB PYP unit. We had garden lessons taught by a Seattle Tilth representative about sharing resources in our school garden, sharing the produce we harvest, and sharing our class compost with the worms in our worm bins. We shared math manipulatives as our class estimated the rate of growing plants. We tied the importance of composting with the importance of recycling and sorting trash. Each lesson we finished with asking the students why this mattered to


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Student Engagement in Kindergarten

What does IB look like in kindergarten? Well, our teaching is certainly changing and the increased engagement from our students is palpable. The central idea we are studying is: living things are interconnected with their environment for survival. We wove our standards into this central idea and created activities that would teach our standards while allowing the students to ask questions, debate (in a respectful way) answers, work in groups, be artistic, further the prior knowledge they came in with and feel knowledgeable about making choices in their lives today that positively influence the animals and environments we learned about in class. The pictures below show students exploring what

Summer Program @ St. Luke

Teachers are coming up with creative program offerings for St. Luke students and students in our community! We hope your child can JOIN THE FUN!​ SAVE THESE DATES! WEEK 1: June 19th – 23rd WEEK 2: June 26th – 30th WEEK 3: July 10th – 14th WEEK 4: August 7th – 11​ HOURS Mornings (9 am – 12) Afternoons (1 pm – 4 pm) or bring a lunch and stay for both sessions! Program offerings for all ages, including sessions in Drama Combat, STEAM into Literacy, Chess, Medieval Physics (think catapults), Art, Writing, etc.​​​ Details, Pricing & Registration Info Coming Soon ​

What does IB look like in the classroom?

The 8th grade students’ Statement of Inquiry in their course Individuals and Society is: Individual choices and morality impact global interactions. After writing, teaching and reflecting on this first IB (International Baccalaureate) unit, Mrs. Conroy, the teacher of Individuals and Society has several observations to share. 1. Meaningful class and small group conversations have flourished under this new IB framework. 2. Holocaust survivors (guest speakers) have brought global perspective. 3. Rigor has increased in terms of using and citing primary documents due to IB's requirement of thoroughly teaching and assessing standards. 4. Students are given various options to show their unders

Tilth Alliance Partnership Continues

We continue our partnership with the Tilth Alliance to deliver quality environmental education in the St. Luke School Garden. Preschoolers have experienced planting seeds and watching them grow under grow lights and then transferring them into their gardens! They learned about worms and their purpose to healthy soil in the garden. Most were brave enough to hold a worm in the palm of their hand to observe their movements and to learn about the body parts of this important living creature. Elementary students in 3rd and 4th grade studied the impact of people traveling and that they have brought food seeds and plants with them. Traditional foods are vitally important to immigrant communities.

St. Luke Garden joins the 25th Annual Richmond Beach Garden Tour

St. Luke School Learning Garden joins the Richmond Beach Community Association's 25th Annual Garden Tour this year! The St. Luke Garden is the first stop on the tour taking place on Saturday, June 10th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm! Maps of the self guided tour will be available at Sky Nursery, Richmond Beach Library & Richmond Beach Coffee Company starting June 1st. For more info on the garden tours, visit the Richmond Beach Garden Tour Website. .

Engaging with Significant Ideas

Inquiry promotes meaning and understanding and challenges students to engage with significant ideas. This week Mrs. Sheehan's and Mrs. Smith's classes were exploring and wondering about seeds, seed anatomy and seed changes. The next step is to collect data and report findings!

IB Learner Profile Attributes

Our classrooms are transforming into a representation of the IB Primary Years Program (PYP)! The Learner Profile ten attributes are the heart of the IB PYP program and we are introducing them to our students for the first time this school year! The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. ​ IB learners strive to be the ten attributes seen below. For the IB definition of each attribute, click here.

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