Trade & Globalization Study in 7th Grade

Mrs. Conroy’s 7th Grade Individuals and Societies classes are just completing a unit on trade and globalization. Our statement of inquiry was “Trade and orientation in time, place, and space impact globalization.” Their summative assessment involved weeks of research and the creation of a visual project which they presented to their class. If you have any questions about GDP, per capita income, imports or exports feel free to ask a 7th Grader!

Community Involvement

The pre-school class is learning about the rules and routines of being a part of a classroom community. They asked Nurse Lindy to come visit and share her expertise. The students learned about proper steps to wash hands and did a science experiment with bread slices (control, clean, dirty). I wonder how quickly germs can grow on bread after it's touched by dirty hands? If you have the same wondering, please visit the pre-k class and ask the students how the bread experiment turned out! Other guest speakers invited in to discuss rules and routines included, Mr. Boyle, Fr. Brad, Dental Hygienist Gena Crowel, and Recology Recycle.

Kindergarten Explores Soil Food Web

Lessons in the St. Luke School learning garden have focused on developing observation skills, exploring interdependence, and connecting with the change of the seasons. This week Kindergarten students studied the soil food web within the composting worm bin in the garden. The children were delighted and in awe of all of the living organisms they found at work to decompose garden waste into usable material, or soil, to fertilize the garden! Awesome indeed! #IB

Kindergarten Discussion: How to Create Fair and Just Communities

Kindergarten students are studying the central idea: our choice to follow rules can create fair and just communities. Father Brad and Father Parrish talked about being in a catholic community. Mr Thomson shared information about Rotary and how they help the community. Shoreline police officers talked about rules and safety. The Kindergarten students were great listeners and asked insightful questions to each of the guests. It's important to learn why rules are important and how they can help create happy communities....and homes! #IB

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