Second Grade Studies How History Can Shape Our Community for the Common Good

Second graders are currently learning from their PYP unit centered around the concept 'history can shape our community for the common good'. They are researching into the questions: 1. How has Shoreline’s history impacted how we live? (causation) 2. How has Shoreline’s geography changed? (causation) 3. What is city government and what is their purpose? (form) 4. What are our community’s resources to keep us safe and healthy? (function) Here is a picture from their trip to City Hall where they met with Mayor, Chris Roberts, and were able to ask questions about Shoreline's past, the purpose and jobs of Shoreline's government, and community resources.

A Day of Service - Mary 's Place

Mrs. Conroy's Advisory students brought the IB attributes of caring and being balanced to life last Friday when they spent the day serving at Mary's Place. The students posted announcements about their upcoming service project, collected money and items such as warm clothing, stroller covers, household supplies, and baby items over the course of several weeks and then delivered the items. Students worked on several projects at Mary's place which included sorting clothing, working in the "Marketplace" and creating "Home Baskets" for those families who were fortunate enough to qualify for subsidized housing. Each student wrote a reflection about their experience upon their return to schoo

"Going Green Together" Assembly

Going Green Together, from the King County Solid Waste Division Today students in grades Preschool through 5th grade attended an assembly show that was as entertaining as it was educational! Students learned about waste reduction, recycling, and composting. Professional actors, Angela Kelley and Terence Kelley, delivered the show in a lively, interactive and highly entertaining format. The show's focus was to remind students how to keep waste out of the landfill and to make choices that have the least impact on the planet. In conclusion, students learned and then reviewed the effects of the 4 Rs (rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle) on climate change. We hope your student brings home a mes

Social Emotional Learning

St. Luke School teaches curriculum designed by Second Step At St. Luke School, we value the importance of incorporating social emotional teaching to our students. We have implemented the rich curriculum from the Second Step Program in all of our classrooms, Preschool to 8th Grade. The tools taught to help students manage their emotions and communicate their feelings is an invaluable skill. Discussions in the classroom facilitate a sense of unity and safety that is important for students to be successful in their learning endeavors. St. Luke Students were interviewed to share their thoughts on what this rich curriculum has brought them. These candid interviews show that students value the l

Veterans Day Appreciation Assembly

St. Luke School students honor Veterans at the all school assembly Thursday November 9, 2017. Scouts, St. Luke Band, and students gathered to honor Veterans in the auditorium. Troop 319 presented the colors with pride. 8th grade students lead the assembly and St. Luke Alum and Veteran, Chris Boyle, sent a heart felt audio message. 2nd grade students from Ms. Long's class prepared a display showing love and honor for the very special Veterans that attended the event. Each 2nd grade student shared a phrase of appreciation representing the letter they held spelling out "WE LOVE VETERANS". Ms. Joan Dirska, Music Director at St. Luke School, led the student body in song in honor of Veterans

Claymation Videos

During the first grade IB (International Baccalaureate) PYP (Primary Years Programme) unit taught under the Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves, the students were learning about the concept: Families are unique. This concept (known as a CENTRAL IDEA) was taught through the following guiding questions: What are some examples of how families live in our Saint Luke Community? How do families use the natural resources of Washington to decide how to build a home? Why do families move? These questions directly relate to first grade social studies standards. For the end-of-unit project, each child made a claymation video demonstrating their understanding of how their family is unique.

Pre-K Routines iMovie

While teaching the IB (International Baccalaureate) unit for the Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are, pre-school students explored the concept of 'Awareness of ourselves and others help us gain a sense of belonging.' The teachers used the following questions to guide their instruction: What are the routines of the classroom? What is the proper way to wash hands? How do we show personal space to our classmates? Why is it important to get to know each other? At the end of the unit, the pre-school class was filmed demonstrating what they learned. Please enjoy the following video and feel free to leave a compliment in the comment section.

Study on Human Trafficking

Presentation on Human Trafficking MYP Individuals and Societies Yrs. 2 & 3 Both the Year 2 and Year 3 (7th and 8th Graders) Individuals and Societies classes were fortunate to attend a presentation by Elizabeth Murphy from the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center today on human trafficking. The Year 2 classes are just wrapping up a unit on trade and the Year 3 classes are working on the roles of citizenship in conjunction with their unit on the Constitution and Civics. The presentation hit critical learning points for both and was an active session of inquiry, participation, and discussion. The presentation included the key concepts of change, causation, connection, and most importantly,

Forces and Motion Study in Kindergarten

Thank you to St. Luke parent, Andy Schmidt, for his lesson exhibiting the forces of pulling energy for Mrs. Jennings Kindergarten class. Mr. Schmidt built a contraption so the kids could test different weights using pulleys in support of their study on Forces and Motion. We love our parents!

2nd Graders Grow a Perfect Halloween Pumkin

2nd graders were overjoyed to find a perfect pumpkin in their garden bed! Chef Jesse used this special pumpkin in the kitchen on Halloween day exhibiting spaghetti as the hot entree for the day!

7th Grade Discussions of Global Trade in the Learning Garden

The Year 2 (7th Graders) Individuals and Societies classes are just finishing up a unit on trade. Our statement of inquiry is "Trade and orientation in time, place, and space impact globalization". Today we took that lesson to the St. Luke Garden! Our line of inquiry included questions about population density and whether state or countries have the capacity to produce enough food in the rural areas to feed the urban centers. We discussed seasonality/year round variety and came up with a list of foods that only grow in certain climates as well as seasonal availability for different types of produce. We asked questions and came up with answers about comparative advantage. food distribution

November PE Class of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. Lanier's 6th Grade Class on earning November PE Class of the Month! They earned this award for being respectful, principled and focused leaders in taking down the pickle ball nets and caring for the equipment. Good job! Mrs Curran

"Mix It Up" Day at Lunch 6th - 8th Graders

An important component of the International Middle Years Program (MYP) at St. Luke is a focus on the social and emotional development of all of our students! On Friday, November 3rd, the 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders mixed it up at lunch and sat with students from other grades, spending time getting to know them and enjoying lunch. Mix It Up Day is an international campaign that encourages students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new. It is a simple act with profound implications and helps promote healthy, welcoming school environments. When students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misconceptions can easily fall away. Millions of students

Open House November 13th 4-6pm

Prospective Families, please join us! Visit Preschool Through 8th Grade Classrooms & Meet Our Staff. Child Care Available. RSVP Here Questions? Click Here

"If you don't succeed, try, try again."

As we are planning our summative assessment tasks for fall Primary Years Programme (PYP) units, our staff is having rich conversations about the importance of allowing our students the option to creatively problem solve, design solutions, and rework our ideas to find greater success. On this topic, Audri Rube Goldberg has much to teach us.

5th Grade goes to YMCA Camp Seymour

Our 5th grade students got to experience the excitement of the Outdoor and Environmental Education (OEE) program at YMCA Camp Seymour this fall, exploring ecosystems, understanding natural resources, and improving outdoor and group building skills. The naturalist staff hails from across the United States. With college degrees in environmental studies or outdoor education, they are hired for science skills, teaching experience, and enthusiasm. Students participate in hands-on classes such as marine science investigation, squid dissection, forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, reptiles, sustainability, orienteering, canoeing, and small group team building. Classes are designed to enhance Next G

Rules Keep Us Safe

Kindergarten has been teaching the concept (known as a CENTRAL IDEA): Our choice to follow rules can create fair and just communities. The students were asked the questions: What groups do I belong to? What are the rules for belonging in each group? How are groups alike/different? Why do we organize? (school families, girl/boy bathrooms, why do we have different recess times, why do we sit with buddies during Mass) What happens if you break a rule? Guest speakers came to visit as leaders of a group (coach, police officer, priest, etc) and students were able to ask questions. Recently, the students were asked to identify one group they are a part of and make up a rule that is important for th

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