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As a St. Luke community, we strive to be knowledgeable, caring, risk-takers, communicators, balanced, thinkers, principled, inquirers, open-minded, and reflective

Through inquiry and reflection, we educate globally-minded citizens who live the love of Jesus.

we are Inquiring minds, hearts for jesus, and hands for service

We demonstrate a variety of skills to develop…

Inquiring Minds Logo_SLE_large.png

Inquiring minds

  • Creative thinking skills and problem solving

  • Meaning-making out of knowledge and transfer to familiar and unfamiliar situations

  • Social competence

  • Effective communication 

  • Research strategies

  • Self-management 

  • Awareness and exploration of local, national, and international events

Hearts for Jesus_SLE_large.png

hearts for jesus

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic Faith and traditions

  • Know and practice a variety of prayer forms to develop a personal relationship with God

  • Participate in the liturgical celebrations of the Church

  • Exhibit moral and ethical values based on the Catholic Faith

Hands for Service_SLE_large.png

hands for service

  • Take responsibility and show respect for our Earth, self, and others

  • Engage in service with the parish and broader community

  • Make a positive impact on the world through our actions

  • Advocate for social justice based on the principles of Catholic Social Teachings

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