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K-8 extension HANDBOOK


St. Luke School’s K-8 Extension Program supports the family unit by offering a safe and caring atmosphere for St. Luke School students before and after the school day. Under qualified supervision, the K-8 Extension Program provides a supervised study time, free play time, and directed creative activities to foster social relationships, creative abilities, and learning skills.


The K-8 Extension Program is available to all students enrolled in St. Luke School (K-8). Each child attending Extension on a regular basis must have a completed Emergency/Registration form.



2:00PM - 6:00PM TUESDAY


Please note: In the event of inclement weather please stay tuned to your radio for updates. If early dismissal is due to inclement weather there will be no evening Extension. Children will never be left unattended but also for the safety of our staff and their families please make every effort to pick up your child(ren) early.

Extension Director: Heidi Randolph
Email: (emails checked between 12:30 & 1:30 and answered within 24 hours)

Phone: 206.542.1133 or Extension direct line is 206-542-9333

(for changes in last-minute pick-up schedules, please call us directly)


All families must pay late fees if accrued. We encourage families to donate snacks to the K-8 Extension Program so that all students can be nourished during after-school care. For more info on this please contact the Extension Director.



Morning Sign-In:  Parents must walk their children into the Extension classroom and sign-in children on the check-in computer.

Grades 5-8 may check-in themselves and their siblings for Morning Extension ONLY.


Afternoon Sign-Out:  Parents must sign-out children on the check-in computer.

Students, regardless of their age, cannot sign themselves out.  

Persons other than parents picking up children must either be authorized on the Health Form or parents must send written notice by email indicating to whom the children may be released. Students will not be released to unauthorized persons.

Students wishing to attend other activities (sports practices, art class, Mad Science, sewing, etc.) must have a signed activity release form or they will not be released from Extension. The head/coach of the activity must come to sign their students out of Extension. Students will not be released to walk over to their activity. The Extension Program is not responsible for students while they attend these activities.

Students who have left the school campus may not come back to the school and be checked into Extension.  The K-8 Extension is an extension of the school day, one a child is taken off-campus they cannot be checked into Extension so families can run errands, for playdates etc. Children who are on campus directly after school in an afterschool activity have never left the campus and therefore may come to Extension after their after-school activity ends.

Students walking home must have an emailed authorization from their parent’s email letting us know the time their child can be released to walk home. We cannot release children to walk home by a phone call for legal purposes. If a student is walking home they must be off school property immediately.

Please note: Only children 5th grade and above are allowed to sign themselves IN during morning Extension with their own personal student access codes, students are NEVER allowed to sign out of evening extension. Students should NEVER be using their parent’s codes to sign in or out, nor should they be playing on the computer or be allowed to sign their parent’s signature on the signature pad. These are legal documents and the check-in computer use should be treated as such.


Our program is an extension of the St. Luke School day. As such it conforms to the policies and procedures of the school. Students are expected to follow all of the rules outlined in the St. Luke School Student Handbook, as well as these additional guidelines for the Extension Program:

All students are expected to report to the Extension Room immediately after carpool and sign in with the Extension Staff. Children going to Extension are not to leave the carpool area until carpool is over, or when they are dismissed by their teacher. Kindergarten students will be escorted to the Extension Room by their teacher. When severe weather is present, students can come directly to Extension instead of waiting outside at carpool.

Students are to remain in the care of the Extension staff and are not to leave the Extension area without permission. Once they get permission, they must sign out on the whiteboard with their buddy’s name and the time they left. In addition, all students signed into Extension are required to have a buddy when using the restroom, getting a drink, or leaving the designated Extension area for any other reason.

Students are expected to remain in their school uniforms unless given permission by the Extension Staff to change their clothes.

Study time is available to all students with homework. It is the child’s responsibility to acknowledge his/her assignments and then use the time and resources available. We will remind students to complete their assignments. However, we will NOT police students, if a child states they are done we will take their word. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure a child’s homework is complete and correct.

Students should have in their backpacks all the supplies (including pencils)they need to complete their assignments. Trips back to their classroom are not permitted.It is school policy that students cannot be unsupervised in classrooms.

Students should not bring toys or games from home. If a personal toy becomes a problem, it will be confiscated and returned at the discretion of the Extension Supervisor.

Students should not bring electronics of any sort to Extension. If a specific electronic medical device is needed it will be permitted with written permission. We ask that if you need to communicate with your child while at Extension you call the Extension phone line first. Cell phones are not permitted at Extension, unless needed for the welfare of the child, written permission is required and must be approved by the Extension Director. However, Extension Staff can and will confiscate cell phones if the child does not have permission and/or if the phone becomes an issue. Confiscated phones will only be given back to a parent or guardian.

Students are expected to respect the staff, each other, the materials provided, and the environment. Each child needs to take care of games and equipment and help clean the designated Extension areas after use.


Every child is expected to abide by the rules of the program, respect staff members, other students, and all property. If a child violates these standards, he/she will be removed from the group for a five to thirty-minute period.

If the child does not respond to this and the problem behavior persists, a record of their behavior will be kept. Should there continue to be problems, a call or note will be sent to the parents. A child who receives a third warning may be suspended or expelled from the Extension Program. Any child participating in dangerous, destructive, or malicious behavior may be immediately suspended or expelled. The Extension Director may choose to restrict a child at his/her sole discretion without the above warnings when warranted.


With the children’s safety and well-being in mind, it is most important that each child have a completed Emergency Card on file. Injuries which appear to be of a minor nature will be treated on the premises. Students with minor cuts, scrapes or bumps are instructed to clean the wounded area and are provided with Band-Aids and/or ice. Extension staff will not administer any treatment other than basic first aid, unless instructed by trained emergency personnel. Anytime a child is injured we recommend you see a doctor for further evaluation, which is at your own discretion. We cannot medically diagnose children, as we are not doctors. In every situation we will use our best judgment, but cannot be held responsible for diagnosing medical ailments as this is not our area of expertise.

Students feeling ill will be made as comfortable as possible. Parents are expected to make provision for taking sick children home. In situations which appear serious, the Extension staff will make every effort to carry out the instructions provided on the Emergency Form. If the instructions on the card are inadequate, or cannot be followed at the time of the emergency, the Extension staff will act in a prudent and reasonable manner for the welfare of the child. Staff will not administer medications.


The K-8 Extension Program reserves the right to amend the handbook as circumstances warrant. Parents will be promptly notified in writing if changes are made.

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