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The Extension rates are posted at the end of this handbook. Parents will receive a monthly statement, but should not wait for that statement to prepay for that month. Checks will only be accepted at the school office, please never attempt to give checks to staff at Extension. Checks can be made out to “St. Luke Extension” with your child’s first and last name written in the memo section. This is especially important for families with two last names. You can mail payments to the St. Luke School, 17533 Saint Luke Place North, Seattle WA 98133.  You can also make a payment with debit/credit at the check-in kiosk, or pay online by going to www.myprocare.com.

Quarterly report cards and or transcripts may be withheld from families not current on their Extension payments. If parents fall too far behind on their payments they will need to make an appointment with the Extension Director and Principal; otherwise the parents will be asked to find other care for the child until payments are current.



Families will have the option being on a plan at a slight discounted rate, families bundling AM & PM Extension on a plan will receive even more of a discount.  Extension contracts run the same as tuition payments, the cost of hours is divided over 10 months.  Half day hours are not billed for those on contract plans as long as you are within your allotted days.


If plan families go over their allotted days they will pay $9.00 for the extra hours used. Please be advised that if you choose to cancel your contracted plan, which can be altered with 2 weeks notice, you must notify us in writing, preferably by email to the Extension Director. Each family will be held responsible for their contracted plan until said written cancellation is received; fees continue to accrue until that two week date.  There can be no cancellations for the month of December or June.



Drop-in morning extension families will pay a flat rate of $9 for drop in services.   Afternoon extension families will pay $9 per hour.  If you are at Extension for 15 minutes or more, you will be charged for the full hour. 

$40 annual member fee per family: Families using Extension will pay the registration fee. (Families who will NOT use Extension for the entire year will have this fee waived at the end of the school year.)

Discounted Rates for Families on a Contracted Plan:


5 DAYS/$140 · 4 DAYS/$112 · 3 DAYS/$85


5 DAYS/$336 · 4 DAYS/$269 · 3 DAYS/$201


5 DAYS/$423 · 4 DAYS/$381 · 3 DAYS/$286

Families using less than 3 days a week will be charged the drop in rate of $9.00 per hour. The contract amount is prorated over 10 months and will be the same each month, September-June, the same as tuition.

Each additional Child Fee: This applies to families using 3 days or more a week on a plan.



Additionally, Extension will be put on the volunteer log-in sheet through Parent’s Club at double the time volunteered.

Examples: Assist staff with activities, reading small children stories, heading or teaching students a skill or activity, tutoring children, assisting students with homework, and bringing snacks for Extension children (please never bring nut products of any kind).



Our Extension Program ends promptly at 6:00 p.m. In case you are delayed, it is important to have an alternative plan in place for the pick-up of your child(ren).

Parents, who have not arrived for their children by 6:00 p.m., add $5.00 for the first 5 minutes and $5.00 per minute thereafter. The same applies for those children dropped off earlier than 7:00am; they will be charged per minute before 7:00am. This fee will be directly billed.

This policy is strictly enforced. If we have families who are repeatedly picked up late we will have to address if Extension is the best option for your family. We ask for your consideration of our staff’s time and personal commitments by picking up your children on time.



Telephone use is for emergencies only. Arrangements to go home with others need to be made ahead of time. Child cell phone use is not permitted at school. To contact your child while at Extension please call the Extension Program phone  206-542-1133 ext. 111.

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