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Pre-K – GRADE 5

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) offered at over 900 authorized schools worldwide, is a guided inquiry-based teaching method that centers on student questions. Rather than working through a standard lesson and learning facts, students study a central idea by creating and exploring their own questions.

Through this concept-driven process, students gain deep content understanding while learning the skills to acquire, organize, and communicate knowledge. It is those skills that enable children to become independent learners, capable of pursuing knowledge beyond the classroom and throughout life.


As an IB school, each grade level will write, teach, and reflect on three (of the six) PYP units! Check out the developmentally appropriate and globally significant concepts we will teach this winter. 

  • Pre-K: Behavior and communication are expressed in different forms. 

  • Kindergarten: People tell stories to share history. 

  • Grades 1: How families live around the world is shaped by their environment.

  • Grade 2: Being good stewards of the Earth is our right and responsibility. 

  • Grades 3/4: Regions are formed based on shared characteristics.

  • Grade 5: Different perspectives can cause conflict.

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