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The goals of the music program are focused on singing and performing, structure of music (music theory), and music literacy (touching on music history and eras, composers and their works, and individual compositions).


All students have the opportunity to lead School Masses throughout the year. Two major programs take place to highlight the achievement of students’ music proficiency in performance at the Christmas Program and Spring Concert. Additional performances throughout the community also are scheduled throughout the year.

Joan Dirska,
pRE-k -6TH Music teacher

Students in 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to participate in a choir elective led by Principal Rick Boyle.  This choir produces exceptional performances every year, including a very impressive Christmas Pageant, annual drama performances, school mass and Easter Mass and other special occasion masses throughout the year.  The choir also tours in our local community to functions such as the Richmond Beach Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Ship Celebration, and other private functions as requested around the holidays.

To view a video clip from the 2016 Christmas performance:  click here

Principal & choral director for 7th & 8th grade
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