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Scrip Program Earns $47,928 for School!

2016-17 Scrip Recap - Great News!


By working together with the Scrip Program, a Total Rebate of $47,928.03 was raised for St. Luke School! This was up from the previous year by just under $2700 (5.95%). Thank you to all the families who have adopted this as a way to buy groceries, gas, get your hair cut and all the other possibilities offered! This is an easy way to make money for our school without spending any extra dollars from your pocket. It just takes a little organization...YOU CAN DO IT!

Rebates from school families:

34 families bought none

62 bought but rebate was less than $100

57 families $100-$199.99 or bought out or were exempt

17 families $200-$299.99

8 families $300-$399.99

13 families $400-$499.99

3 families $500-$599.99

7 families $600-$699.99

4 families $700-$799.99

4 families $800-$899.99

3 families $900-$999.99

3 families $1100-$1199.99

1 family $1700-$1799.99

Want to get involved with the Scrip Team?

•We need volunteers to sell this summer!

•Remember scrip for your summer vacation needs!

•Please sign up for PrestoPay!

Scrip Info & Resources: Visit the School Website by clicking: Scrip

Questions? Reach out to us!

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