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Student Engagement in Kindergarten

What does IB look like in kindergarten? Well, our teaching is certainly changing and the increased engagement from our students is palpable. The central idea we are studying is: living things are interconnected with their environment for survival. We wove our standards into this central idea and created activities that would teach our standards while allowing the students to ask questions, debate (in a respectful way) answers, work in groups, be artistic, further the prior knowledge they came in with and feel knowledgeable about making choices in their lives today that positively influence the animals and environments we learned about in class. The pictures below show students exploring what they see and naming the initial sound of each animal (ELA standard), students standing by our biome wall and deciding what animal lived in what biome and why (science standard), students comparing and contrasting the aquatic and tundra biomes (ELA, math and science standard). Students were on task and learning from one another.

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