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"Mix It Up" Day at Lunch 6th - 8th Graders

An important component of the International Middle Years Program (MYP) at St. Luke is a focus on the social and emotional development of all of our students! On Friday, November 3rd, the 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders mixed it up at lunch and sat with students from other grades, spending time getting to know them and enjoying lunch. Mix It Up Day is an international campaign that encourages students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new. It is a simple act with profound implications and helps promote healthy, welcoming school environments. When students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misconceptions can easily fall away. Millions of students around the world participated in this activity and based on the noisy laughter and contagious excitement coming from the St. Luke cafeteria it was a huge success!

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