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7th Grade Discussions of Global Trade in the Learning Garden

The Year 2 (7th Graders) Individuals and Societies classes are just finishing up a unit on trade. Our statement of inquiry is "Trade and orientation in time, place, and space impact globalization". Today we took that lesson to the St. Luke Garden! Our line of inquiry included questions about population density and whether state or countries have the capacity to produce enough food in the rural areas to feed the urban centers. We discussed seasonality/year round variety and came up with a list of foods that only grow in certain climates as well as seasonal availability for different types of produce. We asked questions and came up with answers about comparative advantage. food distribution, and why certain regions are better suited for food production than others. The students were able to figure out how the St. Luke garden fits into the global food system and yes, there will be kale soup tomorrow for the St. Luke students!

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