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Social Emotional Learning

St. Luke School teaches curriculum designed by Second Step

At St. Luke School, we value the importance of incorporating social emotional teaching to our students. We have implemented the rich curriculum from the Second Step Program in all of our classrooms, Preschool to 8th Grade. The tools taught to help students manage their emotions and communicate their feelings is an invaluable skill. Discussions in the classroom facilitate a sense of unity and safety that is important for students to be successful in their learning endeavors.

St. Luke Students were interviewed to share their thoughts on what this rich curriculum has brought them. These candid interviews show that students value the lessons and tools they have learned to help them navigate frustrations at home, school or with their peers.

Schoolwide Improvement: The Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program gives students the tools to excel in and out of the classroom. Their easy-to-teach program garners outstanding reviews from educators who’ve noticed schoolwide improvement and see even the most challenging students make progress in emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement.

Lifelong Success: In classrooms from early learning through grade 8, students learn invaluable skills that help them navigate their way through school as well as their community. The Second Step Program’s age-appropriate games, activities, and media engage students and set children on a path to lifelong success.

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