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Heritage Day in Grades 3 and 4

If you didn't have a chance to stop into the Heritage Day being celebrated in grades 3 and 4 before Christmas break, the pictures are here to help share this great project.

Students were studying the global concept, called a 'Central Idea' in the PYP (Primary Years Programme), cultures contribute to the development of communities. This class project allowed students to come together and develop a Heritage Day Festival. In order to complete this, students used information they had learned about a country and (if possible) chose a country that represented their family history. Students were given an opportunity to interview a family member that came from this country if that was feasible option. Students shared differences from each country and discussed how the influence of these countries have made our community richer. Following state standards, classes discussed that it is ideal to have unity and diversity in communities. This was reflected on after the project was complete. Students reflected on the questions: Where do you see the influence of different cultures in our community? What did your culture contribute to our community?

Questions that guided the research for this project were:

1. What is interesting about my family history?

2. How does my family’s cultural history contribute to our community?

3. How do different cultures make a community better?

4. Why did people come to this country?

5. Where do you see the influence of different cultures in our community?

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