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Different perspectives can cause conflict

The 5th grade team has begun their winter PYP (Primary Years Programme) unit where they are studying the central idea (main concept) that different perspectives can cause conflict.

The students began this unit by doing a chalk talk (a silent activity that provides all students the opportunity to reflect on what they know, and then share their thinking and wonderings while connecting to the thoughts of their classmates. Despite the name, there is no chalk involved, only paper and pencils or markers. This is a learning routine that helps make thinking visible.)

The students reflected on some the key and related concepts for this unit which were turned into the following prompts:

Causation: Do all actions have consequences? Give examples of why or why not?

Perspective: What is an example of a time when people have different points of view?

Responsibility: What are our responsibilities?

Conflict: What causes conflict?

Power: What is power?

Why do people want to be free?

How can we heard by our government?

What is justice?

What are our rights and responsibilities when we encounter injustice?

What are the responsibilities of government?

Gathering information on student thinking before a unit begins helps teachers plan for differentiation and how they will meet the needs of all their diverse learners. Now that this pre-assessment has been conducted, the unit will continue and the 5th graders will inquire into:

Causes and consequences of injustice

Different points of view in power struggles

Historical events that lead to revolution

Come and take a look at the 5th grade chalk talk which is currently outside the 5th grade classrooms.

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