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How families live around the world is shaped by their environment

First graders are inquiring into the central idea that 'how families live around the world is shaped by their environment'. The students began with an 'I see, I think, I wonder' where they were shown images of families around the world, what food they eat, homes they live in, etc. and reflected on what they saw, what these images made them think, and lastly, what the images made them wonder. They are now moving continent by continent and while learning map skills, also learning about how families live depending on their location. We are just beginning with South America but eventually each student will have a world map with facts on how families live around the world. To watch this learning unfold, come take a look in Mrs. Woods first grade classroom! Lines of inquiry for this unit:

1. There are differences and similarities in the world around us

2. How maps and globes help people navigate land and water

3. Families traditions vary around the world

4. How families live is shaped by their environment

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