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A Note From Principal Boyle

Last week, I had the pleasure to witness eight student representatives, from both the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme, share with a St. Luke parishioner one of their culminating projects from the IB Units of Study. The room in which they presented was filled with excitement about concepts they are exploring and actions they will be taking as a result of their research. Listening to them go on and on about the difference IB (International Baccalaureate) has made for them was indeed heartwarming. They are strong communicators expressing a depth of understanding on topics ranging from “Being Good Stewards of the Earth is A Responsibility” to comparing and contrasting two novels on mature topics such as human-trafficking. There was a great deal of pride displayed by all and the look of amazement on the face of our audience was priceless. I wish I had a recording of what was shared. I am so proud and impressed with our students and the ability they possess to communicate their learning.

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