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school commission

The school commission advises and supports the pastor and principal as they form policy and direct the ongoing development of the school. The Commission is in dialogue with the Finance Commission and other Parish leadership groups as needed.

Decisions made by the commission, a consultative body, are in accord with Canonical and Diocesan regulations.

The school commission’s general areas of responsibility include the following:

  • Establish a school mission statement and goals and direction for the overall health of the school

  • Recommend general policies for the school

  • Develop a plan and the means to finance the school programs

  • Communicate and support the school’s programs to the community

2021-22 Committees

Finance:    Bill Hanlin, Moria Blair, Adam Flukey, Bryan Blume

School Grounds and Buildings:    Millicent Hasandras, Jackie Zevenbergen, Lacie Hansen, Erica Knauf-Santos

Parish/School Life Integration:    Elizabeth Buchner, Monique Cohen, Monica Comfort

2021-22 commission members:

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