Welcome back to school! You may have noticed that there seems to be a lot of people talking about SCRIP this year... 


The reason is simple – this year is going to be a BIG year for SCRIP. SCRIP is a really easy way to fund-raise, but many St. Luke families are still confused about what SCRIP is and how it works. 

what is scrip?

“SCRIP” is a fancy word for gift cards. Retailers sell St. Luke gift cards at a discount, and then we sell them to you at face value. The difference between our discounted price and the face value of the card (ie: rebate) turns into fundraising dollars for St. Luke School.

When you purchase SCRIP cards for things you already buy – like groceries, gas, and fast food - you help us to raise money for the school – and you don’t spend a dollar more than you normally would have. All it takes is a little time and planning – to keep gifts cards in your wallet for the stores you most often shop.


Safeway sells St. Luke a $100 gift card for $96 (4% rebate) · St. Luke sells YOU a $100 gift card for $100 · The school just earned $4 and it cost you NOTHING.

what is the money raised with scrip used for?

New this year is the dedication of SCRIP proceeds to our St. Luke Technology Fund. All monies raised this year will go to support the upgrade of technology in the classrooms and our school.

how do i buy scrip?

There are five ways to buy scrip, see below...

Option 1

The Monday Order – Look for the order form to come home with your student, or print one out from the Thursday packet or the school website. Fill out the form indicating the gift cards you want to purchase, and send it to school with your student with a check made payable to St. Luke SCRIP. Cards in stock will come home with your student on Friday or will be at the office for pickup on Friday. Please make sure to indicate on the order form your preferred method of receiving the cards. Special order cards will come home the following week. You can send in an order every Monday.



Download the SCRIP order form here

Option 2

Friday morning’s at school – in front of the office. SCRIP is available between 8:15 and 9:15 in front of the office. Just bring a check and you can purchase any of the SCRIP cards we have in stock. Write your check to St. Luke SCRIP. We have extra forms available – just show up with your checkbook or cash (bring exact - we don't keep change).

Option 3

Sundays in the Auditorium from 10-11am. Come after 9am mass or before 11am mass – and we’ll be selling SCRIP in the auditorium during coffee and donuts. During the busy holiday season, we will also try to have SCRIP available after the 11am mass.

Option 4

 **NEW** Set up a standing order. Fill out the form for a standing order indicating which cards you would like to order and how frequently. Attach your checks pre-filled out and post dated – made payable to ST LUKE SCRIP. For example – if you are ordering monthly – send 10 checks (September – June). If you need to cancel mid year, change your order, or skip an order – that’s fine. Just email us the Friday before and we’ll make the changes. Standing orders will come home on Fridays with your student or be at the office Friday for pickup. Please make sure to indicate on the order form your preferred method of receiving the cards.

Download the standing order form here

Option 5

Order online with SCRIP NOW and PRESTO PAY. Once you have an online account set up with and have established Presto Pay (linked to your checking account) – you can order SCRIP NOW from your computer or smart phone, and the gift card will be emailed to you within minutes. There are hundreds of national retailers offering SCRIP now – so it’s a great way to order SCRIP on the go when unexpected purchases come up or if we do not stock that gift card at the school. Visit For the enrollment code, please contact

Guide to setting up your online SCRIP account

is scrip mandatory?

YES! Each St. Luke School family is required to participate buy purchasing SCRIP throughout the year. Each family needs to earn a minimum of $100 in SCRIP rebates (profit) for the school. For example - if you ordered $500 in QFC (5% rebates), then you'll have earned $25 in rebates towards your $100 goal.

how do i get credit towards my fundraising goals?

When you purchase SCRIP, we keep track of the total rebate earned from each card. You get credit for the value of the rebate – which is why retailers who offer bigger rebates tend to sell more cards! SCRIP tracks all of your orders – both online and in person, e-scrip and physical cards. Periodically the SCRIP committee will send updates to the school community letting you know how much you have earned so far. In addition, once you create an online account, you can log on anytime to see how much in rebates your SCRIP purchases have earned YTD.

if family members want to purchase scrip, will it count towards my goal?

Yes, there is a place on the form for non-school families to pick who should receive credit for their order. This is a great way for family and friends to help you reach your fundraising goals.

what is the incentive in earning more than the minimum $100 in rebates?

In addition to helping raise money for St. Luke School (which is reason enough!) - families that earn $400 in SCRIP rebates by the registration deadline (February) qualify for one free registration ($250 value). Families that earn $700 or more in rebates qualify for two free registrations ($500).

how do i know which retailers offer scrip?

We offer a variety of national store gift cards (Starbucks, iTunes, Subway, Sears) as well as local retailers like Hills, QFC/Fred Meyer, and Double DD Meats. For a complete list of stocked SCRIP, see the SCRIP order form.


Yes, there are many more stores available that we do not stock on a regular basis. We have a Special Order Form that lists additional cards available. We are happy to order as needed. SCRIP ordered on Monday will come home with your student the following Thursday (3 days). Special orders must be paid for in advance and cannot be returned.

Download the SPECIAL ORDER SCRIP form here


Parent volunteers run the program at the direction of the principal. The current SCRIP Leadership Team is led by Nicole Fortune. Several other volunteers also help with sales and marketing. We can always use more volunteers!


The best way to reach the SCRIP committee is via email to We usually can get back to you the same day. Still got questions? email the SCRIP team by clicking here.