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We love St. Luke School!  Our child is thriving academically, socially, and spiritually. The community is full of friendly families and there is a real feeling that we are raising our kids together.  Our St. Luke friends are now family and we are blessed to have found such a wonderful school.


Milicent Hasandras, Parent

We choose Catholic Education, St. Luke, for our daughter because it helps her grow in every way, not just academically.

Elizabeth & Scott Yurczyk

For my family, St Luke has been a part of our lives for several generations.  My aunt & uncles, my brother & I and now my children are attending.  I love being part of this community and it really felt like I was coming home when my daughter, Jadyn, started Kindergarten here.  Thanks for all you do.


Anamika Bennett

My son previously attended another school.  The school and its curriculum were not a match for him.  He struggled and disliked going to school.  We had him evaluated and tested.  He was diagnosed with what is now referred to as the dyslexia advantage.  We sent him to Hamlin Robinson for its summer program.  The director mentioned St. Luke.  We met with the principal and took a tour.  We decided to send our son to St. Luke based on its curriculum.  Our son made a significant improvement in the first trimester.  He has made a 180 degree change for the better.  He loves school, learning, the teachers and staff.  He has been a St. Luke student for five years.  He will graduating this year.  When asked if he's ready to graduate, he has mixed feelings.  Yes, he's ready to move on.  No, he's going to miss St. Luke's.  Thank you St. Luke for making a strong impression on my son and making his learning experience a positive one!


Shari Smith, Parent of St. Luke Graduate

“We have the joy of working with the St. Luke 5th grade each fall when they come to YMCA Camp Seymour for three very full days.  Natalie Conrow is an absolute joy to work with in doing all the behind the scenes work to get ready for 5th grade camp: Scheduling activities like canoeing, forest ecology, and archery; assigning field study and cabin groups; and getting all the dietary restriction straight.  Once here, St. Luke students always leave a great impression with the Camp Seymour staff.  While at camp, they are respectful, polite, and most importantly they are engaged!  The students participate in all the activities and give 100%.  The St. Luke 5th graders always send us thank you notes too, which is so appreciated by our hard working staff.  St. Luke School is truly one of our favorite schools to work with.  Thank you for bringing your 5th graders to Camp Seymour each fall.”   

Scott Gjertson | Outdoor and Environmental Education Director


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