St. Luke School values the active participation of school families in the formation and education of their children by assisting with the many student activities, school fund-raisers, student services and social events sponsored by the school community. Volunteerism makes available to school children services that otherwise would require additional staffing. Family involvement strengthens family bonds and is a visual model for our children of service to others. Active participation creates a strong sense of ownership, engenders loyalty, and fosters pride in the school.

As the Volunteer Coordinator, I am looking forward to supporting families in their efforts to engage with their community.  A tiered system of volunteer hour requirements was created to help families dip their toes into a bit of volunteerism, get an introduction to our amazing community, and be inspired to engage more!


Following are the requirement of St. Luke School to volunteer.  Volunteer hours are required by all families as outlined below.

K-8 Families - 30 hours per year  

Preschool 3 Year Families  -  5 hours per year

Preschool 4 year Families - 10 hours per year

In lieu of this service, parents may pay a stated fee.

For more information about volunteer requirements, please refer to the Parent Handbook.

As a part of our school safety procedures, we require all volunteers to complete forms and safety training. For details, please click here.




Manage your volunteer hours through Sign Up Genius!  We've created a landing page with all of the areas in need of volunteers.  Click below for the latest opportunities!  

reporting HOURS 

Volunteers may record their hours online by clicking here.

Alternatively you can download this form to record your hours manually.

Please submit to the school office two weeks before the end of each trimester.