Welcome to the new school year. I am ready and energized for action to lead our exceptional faculty, devoted staff, and incredible students through this academic year. Entering St. Luke’s sixty-third year, we are proud of our many accomplishments, but we also recognize our vast potential. We challenge ourselves to be a leader among local schools. We are excited to apply for full Authorization to become an International Baccalaureate World School for both the Primary and Middle Grades.


The school theme this year is “Holy Spirit, call us to action!” Throughout this school year, there will be many opportunities for involvement by students, staff, parents, and guardians in service projects focused on the school theme. We are excited to act to “set the world on fire” by bringing the gifts of the Holy Spirit to many people in our community and beyond. This image of action captures what we learn from the power of the Holy Spirit about changing lives. Our faith in God to show us the way toward action to implement change is clear in this children’s Bible quote: “Lord and Source of All Gifts, we rejoice in the fullness of Your holy generosity. We thank You especially now for the gift of change, that gift of newness that opens doors closed by habit and routine.” We want to demonstrate the importance of how a Catholic education that is grounded in the Gospel values nurtures reflection, rejuvenation, and renewal as we create opportunities for inquiry and critical thinking. The foundation of Gospel values coupled with the development of these skills gives our students the confidence to open doors and respond to the call of action.


This challenge is personal as well as communal for each member of our close-knit St. Luke community. Together we can strive to advance the truth of our Catholic faith, the value of rigorous academic discipline, the security of a nurturing community environment, and the importance of reinforcing the values of our Catholic family. These are the tools our students need to heed the Holy Spirit’s call to action to become agents of change and contributing members of their communities as they grow and move toward the future.


If you are a new visitor, I encourage you to consider joining us in our endeavor. I hope you find this website helpful, but I also invite you to visit our school to spend a little time with some of our faculty and students. Please, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a visit.  


If you are already a member of our community, I hope you find this website merits your valuable time and enlivens your enthusiastic school spirit to participate in the call to action and dive into the new school year. Welcome, and help us improve our world through action guided by the Holy Spirit!”


God's Blessings!

Rick Boyle