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culinary classes for the kids


chef jesse

Join us in the fun!  Your child could take part in a 4-week session with a limit of 9 students.  Classes are held on Thursdays in the school kitchen from 3:00 to 4:30 pm


Students will spend the first week of the class being introduced to general kitchen rules and safety guidelines, kitchen basics, and knife safety training. At this time each student will be looking through the cookbook library to choose a unique recipe that piques their culinary interest. They will be assisted in creating a shopping list for each of their recipes, making a prep list, and gathering their ingredients with their parents to bring to class on the day that they are assigned to cook their dish.  In teams of 3 over the next 3 weeks they will be creating the dishes in tandem with their partners.

4 week session: 

at $100 per student

plus cost of Food of dish selected

More details below

open to grades 1-8

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