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3 & 4 Year Old preschool

St. Luke Preschool will introduce a social and academic setting in which your child will receive the very best early childhood experience. We appreciate the need for children to work at their own pace and we foster an environment in which they may do so.  St. Luke Preschool is committed to the development of the total personality of each child by providing an educational experience:

INTELLECTUALLY by encouraging discovery through firsthand experiences.

PHYSICALLY by activity that will develop muscle coordination and motor skills.

SPIRITUALLY by daily encounters with God through Bible stories, songs, prayers, and natural conversation.

SOCIALLY by group activity that stimulates togetherness, security, and acceptance.

EMOTIONALLY by becoming confident and developing self-esteem in everything they do each day.

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Our curriculum is designed so that children will grow and develop in all areas of life; therefore, we not only teach mathematics, art, music, religion, phonics/language and pre-literacy, but we also encourage physical growth and development and assist children in building their social and emotional skills through guided peer interaction. Children graduate to kindergarten with the love of learning and a desire to investigate the community and world.

In addition to our curriculum, Preschool students have several opportunities throughout the year to visit "the big school" for assemblies and events, and to interact with our kindergarten staff. These opportunities help to "bridge" children from being prepared for kindergarten to being in kindergarten.

Graduates of the Preschool programs are given a preferential recommendation to enter the St. Luke full-day Kindergarten program. All students wear St. Luke uniforms.

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