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Taking heightened safety measures to secure and protect our assets and the community.

Recent events in schools across the nation have highlighted the need to enhance the exterior safety measures around St. Luke School. The 2023 Fund-A-Need aims to address this need by funding crucial projects that will secure and protect our students, staff, families, and parishioners, throughout the St. Luke property.


We will upgrade existing security cameras and add additional cameras to enhance the visibility of all areas around campus to further ensure safety for all. Installing a new fence around the entire upper field will not only protect the new turf field, but also ensure the safety of all individuals participating in sports, extracurricular activities, and events on campus.


A full safety assessment of our campus and church, along with training for both parish and school staff, will ensure that our safety plan reflects best practices and that everyone on campus knows what to do in an emergency.


Through the 2023 Fund-A-Need, we can come together as a community to Safeguard Our Future. Let's prioritize the safety and security of our children and work together to create a safer environment for all. We hope you can see the value and impact your donation will have on the entire St. Luke community.

This is a community project with 100% of these funds raised going directly to the largest ministry of St. Luke Parish, the SCHOOL!

Jess Cunningham

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