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Our school uniform distinguishes us in the community as a Catholic school. It fosters a sense of pride and belonging. In order to reflect our Catholic values, our uniform choice is simple, modest, and economical. In addition, a uniform eliminates peer pressure and distraction, allowing every student the opportunity to achieve his or her potential. Uniforms are available through Tommy Hilfiger and Dennis Uniforms.

approved suppliers


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Our preferred school number is STLU01.  


Order Online 

The School code XTL425.

new uniform guidelines - 2023-24

Remember to buy SCRIP for your Tommy Hilfiger and Dennis purchases.

CHANGES TO NOTE - Beginning September 2023

  • Eliminated all hooded sweatshirts. Crew neck only.  (We are working with suppliers to remove them from online offerings as soon as possible.)

  • New mass dress uniform - see the Uniform Guide for details.

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