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social & emotional learning

Part of the PYP philosophy is that all teachers are responsible for the social and emotional well being of students. Instruction on social and emotional learning needs to be specific, explicit and continuos. Social and emotional learning needs to be linked to all aspects of student experience. 


Here at Saint Luke we use the Second Step program to teach skills for learning, empathy, calm down strategies and problem solving. In the pre-k class, they are learning about how to use their Attent-o-scopes when focusing attention in the classroom. They use these Attent-o-scopes when introduced to the concept as a kinesthetic learning opportunity. They learn that focusing attention involves using eyes, ears, and brain. You can focus your attention just by thinking about it, and the more you do it, the better you get at it. Lastly, in this lesson they are learning that using self-talk helps you focus attention. 


Ask your son or daughter what they are learning in Second Step!!

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