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MARCH MADNESS SCRIP CONTEST The March Madness Scrip Contest is going on until the end of the month! Now that Spring is here, time to start thinking about the garden! Stock up on Sky Nursery, Fred Meyer & Home Depot gift cards. The class with the highest participation will earn free dress for the entire class!! Our goal is to give out free dress tickets to several classes that have 100% participation. The Auction is right around the corner and March is a great month to buy scrip to donate to the auction or buy something off the Auction’s wish list using scrip.

*Please note that you cannot place orders for other families to increase your participation percentage for this contest.

New vendor: Uber!! Uber is only available electronically through your online Presto Pay account. If you don’t have an online account set up, we can help. For those of you who haven’t reached your $100 required rebate in scrip this year, you have until the end of April! Several of our local vendors- Double D Meat, Brown Bear, FIVE, Hill’s, and The Loft are a few that offer high rebates that will help you reach your goal faster. You can send in your order on Monday with your child or buy Friday mornings in front of the school office until 9:15am or after 9 o’clock mass on Sunday. Email the scrip team at if you need to know how close you are or have any questions.

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